Rachel currently has 4 singles released titled, “Dancing In The Palm Of Your Hand”, “The Fantasize,” “On My Mind,” and “Free.”





Rachel’s 4th single “Free,” is an acoustic ballad tackling the hardships that come from her anxieties and fears. When the chorus comes in, she sings of all the things she would do if she were “free,” with a melody that will be sure to get stuck in your head. “Free” is intimate and revealing, but somehow, will leave you feeling less alone. Free was released 12/18/19 on all streaming platforms.

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On My Mind

Rachel’s third single, “On My Mind” is a pop rock ballad about lovers with too much left unsaid, and time being unable to heal them. It was released 11/18/18 on all streaming platforms.

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The Fantasize

One of Rachel’s personal favorites, “The Fantasize” was the first song she wrote when she moved to New York Summer of 2017. Rachel explains the song to be about, “the two lives we all live, one in our minds and one that is real life.” A catchy guitar melody & a carefully carved story within her lyrics make this song fit into the singer/songwriter genre.

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Dancing In The Palm Of Your Hand

“Dancing In The Palm Of Your Hand,” is the first song Rachel ever wrote when she was 18 years old. While playing with finger picking for the first time, The first thing Rachel wrote was the catchy opening melody that you first hear at the beginning of the song. Rachel depicts falling wildly in love in this upbeat, sultry, pop rock track.

you can stream the song below